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artist statement

My work revolves around shifting replicas and random choices.

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the endless oscillation of the moment. What starts out as a vision, soon becomes debased into a cacophony of images, leaving only a sense of what could have been and the dawn of a new understanding.

New interpretation derives from both constructed and discovered dialogues, as presence become transformed through repetitive practice. More


Anne Kari Ødegård is a visual artist based in Oslo working with printmaking and painting.


She studied Visual Communication at National Academy of the Arts in Oslo. Following her graduation (2000), she was partner in Hegtun|Ødegård Visual Communication for 12 years before turning to the arts. With a foundation in design her artistic practice is grounded in a curious and playful sense of line and form. Her work describes both the abstract and the concrete, elaborating mode and moment in still imagery – with ambiguity as a constant dynamo.


Anne Kari Ødegård is a member of NBK (Association of Norwegian Visual Artists) / Norske Grafikere / BOA / Grafill and represented by Norske Grafikere.

Selected works available as uniqua and in limited editions. Fine art, editorial or commercial inquiries, please email


Pipehuset / Stavern / 2017

Aragon 232 Gallery / Barcelona / 2016

 E. Gabrielsen Kunst / Oslo / 2015

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